IWalking into Fosters, you automatically feel welcome and at home. The walls are adorned with vintage signs and knick-knacks to keep your eyes busy. Ample seating and a bar make Fosters a great hang out spot to catch up on old times.  Fosters has three levels, with the middle being the main bar. Downstairs, the Martini lounge is built for private parties and networking events.

For people who have lived in Beckley, Foster's has stayed true to it’s roots. Its nice to visit if you haven’t been in a while, because it will always be a great tavern in a cool town.

​Before Fosters was a pub, before we were a Hardware store, Fosters is regisitered as a Raleigh County Landmark associated with Jefferson Davis.

Fosters Main Street Tavern has been a part of the Main Street nostalgia for some time now. Originally Fosters Hardware, the transformation into a fun, Cheers-like tavern brought a great addition to Beckley Main Street.

​Open Mon-Sun 5pm-2am